Food Options in Train for Babies

Food Options in Train for Babies

Gone are the days when guardians used to hold up travel until their children were grown up. These days, little infants travel all over the place, exploring the extraordinary, enormous world with their curious eyes. Present-day comforts have unquestionably made lifestyles simpler for Mom and Dad. However, one point of worry for parents is what…

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order pure veg food for train journey

Order Pure Veg Food for Train Journey

As a traveller, apart from packing clothes and essentials; carrying food for train journeys is a significant worry. What to carry, which is the best food for the train journey, how to have long-lasting Indian food for the journey by train – is all you start thinking. If you are a vegetarian or are going…

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busiest railway stations in India

Top 10 Busiest Railway Stations of India That Receive Maximum Footfall

Indian Railways was established on 16 April 1853 (164 years ago). The net income of Indian Railways in the year 2015-16 was the US $1.6 billion. The total number of employees working in it is 13.31 lakhs. Indian Railways has a running track of 66,687 km, due to which it is called the fourth largest…

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Famous Foods of Railway Stations in India

Special Foods of Indian Railway Stations That You Must Try Once

India is a place where you would find large cultural differences at just a matter of a few kilometres. There are uncountable dishes that are popular in different parts of the country. From North to South and East to West, every place has a special food of its own. It is very hard to find…

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best places to visit in hyderabad

Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Hyderabad is one of the busiest and important cities in India. Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, is a city that has always blended the colours of the past and the glamour of the present with delicious cuisine. Hyderabad has a large number of tourist places. The city attracts tourists all over the year for…

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Order delicious online breakfast in train fuel your day with a healthy breakfast

Order Delicious Online Breakfast in Train

You cannot deny the fact that breakfast is an essential meal of the day. It serves your body with much-needed energy and vitality to carry out your day with various tasks. In the consistent rushed life you are living; whether to go for business trips or excursions via train; you often forget to pay attention…

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Online order food in train at Lucknow Junction 5 legendary dish to try in Lucknow

Order Online Foods in Train at Lucknow Junction

Lucknow is the city of nawabs, kebabs, magnificent architecture, history, literature and culture. From a segment of affluent colonial history to modernized museums, this creative hub of Awadh region elegantly brings together the grandeur of a scintillating past and the simplicity of a modern city. Some of the best places to visit in Lucknow are…

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How to order Jain food for a train journey

How to Order Jain Food for a Train Journey?

With unique vegetarianism, Jain communities have been facing a radical issue of ordering Jain food in trains. The Jain community is facing challenges in finding its pure Jain food for train journeys. From procuring the traditional food ingredients to its preparation, there are many points to be considered while ordering Jain Food online. Most of…

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Best Fast Food to Compliment Your Hunger

Best Fast Foods to Complement Your Hunger

Although you will find very good and tasty foods in big hotels in India, street foods have their own popularity. You can find a wide variety of fast foods on every street. People eat these foods with great fervour, and they do not even empty the pocket. Young or old, fast food is loved by…

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Bulk food in train

How to Book a Group or Bulk Food Order in Train: A Complete Guide

Some people love to travel solo and some think that the pleasure of travelling is with the group. Many enjoy train travel while going for religious trips, wedding trips, business tours, school-college trips or excursions with friends and peers. Travelling in a group on a train is itself a celebration that fosters unforgettable moments when…

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