10 Tips to Ease a Longer Train Journey

For travelling we choose different mode of communication like flight, trains, buses, rented cabs, personal car etc. It depends on the places, budget and distance we select to travel. Whether you are a solo traveler or travelling in a group, no any journey could be more adventurous than a train journey. Train is the most exciting mode you can prefer for long distance journey. Though, people find long-distance journey boring, but on the contrary it is even exciting when compared to other modes of transportation.If you know how to make your journey memorable and worth, here’re some tips to ease your longer journey.

Create a playlist and lose yourself to the beat
Music is the first mantra of entertainment. It loses you to the world of imagination and romance. The beautiful places you pass through the train with your favorite music plugged in your ear is the most soothing moment during the journey. Create your favorite playlist and enjoy the music.

Enjoy Music in Train

Play Cards
Playing cards is one of the traditional ways of entertainment in trains for a longer journey. Carry your set of play cards and create a group with the fellow passengers. Apart from using cards for your entertainment you can also use UNO cards, chess, or play Antakshari without disturbing the fellow passengers.

Play Cards

Make a note of your travel experiences associated with journey:
You can experiment with your creativity by writing. You can pen down your experiences in form of travelogues which will contain your feelings, emotions, creativity and frame a complete story. You can describe about the people you met, the surreal natural wonders, about the food, culture etc. You can write about your train journey, you are going through.

Create Travel notes in Train

Get down at every station to explore regional specialties:
Tasty food and train journey is an amazing combination. Being a food lover your train journey is incomplete without having a platter of your favorite cuisines. You can have the special and popular food of any particular area where your station halts. If your train pantry is not serving according to your taste, you can also order food online in train via different food ordering apps.

Explore Regional Cuisines

Try Finishing a Couple of novels in your journey:
Books are the perfect medium to enhance your knowledge. Some people love to read books and novels while travelling. You can complete a novel or two during your journey. They carry their favorite books in trains and read the books and stories of their choice.

Read Novels in your train journey

Befriend with your fellow travelers and explore their culture.
You can interact with your fellow travelers to exchange the ideas. Your interaction will get you to know about the places they belong, the culture they follow, their lifestyle, food habits, and political situation etc. You can make them aware about your lifestyle, culture, and tradition etc.

Post your Group Fun/Status on Social media
In this digital era, we love to interact through social media. We’re social media savvy. Train journey is the perfect moment to use this medium. While travelling, you can update your status and stories on different social media platforms. You can click pictures and post it. You can post the pictures of the beautiful scenes, mountains, different stations, etc. You can take pictures with your friends and update your stories with catchy captions.

Use Social Media For Entertainment

Try New Food Items.Browse for ordering food in train
You can browse your mobile to book food in train. Apps for food ordering in train can help you to order variety of cuisines as per your taste and preference. You can easily download it and order from the stations where e-catering services are provided. If traveling in a group, choice of taste will vary. You can save on your group order and get your desired food at your berth.

Order food in Train via Apps

Capture every moment through phone lens.
Travelling is an experience which you can keep with yourself for lifespan. You can create beautiful moments and by capturing them moment in the lens of your mobile camera. You can refresh and relive the moments in future after viewing these captured pictures.

Capture Moments with your phone

Stock up your video entertainment
If you want to make your longer train journey a fun, you can watch videos, movies, web series in your laptop and mobiles. They’re the best medium for longer journey. You can download and save videos to watch during your journey.

Enjoy the journey with video entertainment

Travel is fun and a feeling which connects the passengers from one place to another. It helps you to explore the world, to know the culture, tradition, art, food habits, political scenario and the lifestyle of the people. Some people travel with their family to enjoy vacation; some get an opportunity to travel for business purposes. Youths are generally group trip lovers, who plan trips with their friends to enjoy. Travelling is something which connects you emotionally from the places you travel and acts as a stress buster. Here’re some easy tips and tricks to pass your time in during the long train journey.

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