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Be Wary of Unauthorized Food Delivery Services in Trains

IRCTC, the official catering and tourism partner of Indian Railways, started online food order in trains to solve the food problems of passengers. There were raising concerns about the quality and taste of pantry car foods that were being served to passengers. E-catering in trains is a boon for all train travellers as it allows them to get restaurant-quality food directly at their seat. You can order food on a train in one click from top restaurants in the city.

Although it is very easy and convenient to order food online, you should be aware of unauthorized food delivery partners in trains. Ordering food from an unauthorized food vendor can cause trouble or pose health risks. Always check prior to ordering food in trains if the vendor is authorized by IRCTC or not.

Who are authorized and unauthorized food providers in trains?

IRCTC has its e-catering website and ‘Food on Track’ app from where passengers can order food in train. Moreover, IRCTC has authorized some food partners to provide food delivery service in trains. If you want to know who are the authorized and unauthorized food providers in trains, you can check the list on the official website of IRCTC.

Here is an excerpt from IRCTC’s website, which lists the official e-catering partners.

Train food vendors such as Comesum, Zoop, RailRestro, Relfood, OLF stores, Dewsis and Yatri, apart from Domino’s, Subway and Haldiram’s have been associated with IRCTC- e-catering from long.

Names of some authorized and unauthorized food delivery providers

When IRCTC started e-catering in trains, there were some unauthorized food suppliers or vendors who were ready to sell or deliver food in trains to passengers at high prices with low quality. IRCTC has warned passengers about the ill-consequences of ordering food from unauthorized food partners.

If you are looking for the list of official e-catering partners of IRCTC, know all the details here.

Authorized e-catering partners of IRCTC, Source: IRCTC website

RailRestro, YatriBhojan, RelFood, among others are the official e-catering partners of IRCTC.

Other than these food partners listed on the IRCTC’s website, no one is authorized to deliver food in train.

IRCTC has named some of the food providers in trains as ‘unauthorized’ and urged passengers not to order food from them. IRCTC will take no responsibility if anything goes wrong after you eat food served by these unauthorized partners.

According to the IRCTC website, “The two aggregators named as Travelkhana and Rail Yatri are no longer associated with IRCTC e-catering. Alliance with these aggregators stand cancelled and IRCTC e-catering takes no responsibility for the kind of food that has been delivered to the passengers by these former food partners.

Beware of TravelKhana and RailYatri as they are not authorized to deliver food in train.

Apart from that, several new companies have started food delivery in train, but they are not authorized by IRCTC. You can see the list below. Be wary of ordering food from these unauthorized partners.

List of unauthorized food partners of IRCTC, Source: IRCTC website

The authorized food partners of IRCTC, such as RailRestro, are committed to delivering hygienic and fresh food to passengers.

What will happen if you order food from unauthorized food partners?

You should be aware of the consequences if you order food from an unauthorized food partner such as Travelkhana or Railyatri. An unauthorized food supplier:

  1. Has no official permission or approval from IRCTC to deliver food on the train.
  2. Is not a recognized aggregator or catering partner of IRCTC.
  3. Doesn’t follow the FSSAI standards for food safety and quality.
  4. Has no proper delivery system, so you can get food in unhygienic packing.
  5. May provide poor quality food at higher prices, since there is no inspection from IRCTC.

You can understand that unauthorized food partners have no obligation to serve you quality food in train. IRCTC does not inspect or monitor their delivery system, food quality, hygiene, timeliness, etc. So, it is best to avoid ordering food from them for your good health and safety.

Difference between authorized and unauthorized food partners of IRCTC

IRCTC warning for passengers against unauthorized food providers, Source: Twitter

In a tweet posted by @ecatering IRCTC handle, they have clarified that only IRCTC and its authorized partners are permitted to deliver food in train. All other food partners are either operating illegally or without proper authorization.

If you are wondering how authorized partners are different from unauthorized ones, here is the answer:

  1. No Official Permission to Deliver Food in Train: Authorized food partners such as RailRestro have the official permission from IRCTC to provide food delivery service in trains, whereas unauthorized food providers deliver food without permission. IRCTC officials can stop them anytime, and you won’t get your food.
  2. Not a Recognized Catering Partner or Aggregator of IRCTC: To deliver food on trains, a company has to be an aggregator or a catering partner of IRCTC. Food providers like Travelkhana, Railyatri, Yatrachef, etc. are not aggregators of IRCTC and thus prohibited from delivering food. On the other hand, companies like RailRestro is a proud partner of IRCTC and delivers food legally.
  3. Non-maintenance of FSSAI Standards: An unauthorized vendor is not obligated to follow the FSSAI standards of food quality and packaging. You can easily recognize an unauthorized food delivery partner through their packing or poor food quality. Avoid such unauthorized food partners at all costs.
  4. No Uniform or Dress Code Wore by the Delivery Personnel: The delivery executives of IRCTC and its aggregators have a particular uniform displaying their brand names. It is one of the easiest ways to identify an unauthorized vendor. If you see a person delivering your food in civil dress and not in a uniform, then you should know that you have ordered food from an unauthorized food partner.

How to order food in train from authorized food delivery partners such as RailRestro?

Passengers travelling in a train can order food from RailRestro by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of RailRestro www.railrestro.com or download RailRestro app from Play Store or App Store.
  2. Enter your 10 digit PNR Number or Click “Order Via Train No.
  3. Click “Order Now”.
  4. Enter your Journey date and the station at which you want to have the food.
  5. Add your favourite food in the cart from the extensive menu.
  6. Apply coupon code (if applicable) to avail discounts on your food order.
  7. Place your order by selecting your desired payment method.

It is as simple as ordering an item from Amazon or Flipkart. As soon as your train reaches the station, one of the delivery boys will give your order at your seat. You don’t have to go anywhere!

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