Gangapur City Junction: Taste the Punch of Rajasthani Flavors in Train

Gangapur city Junction is a small station falling in New Delhi-Mumbai main line. The station operates under western central railway zone under Kota division. Almost all the trains going through this line halt at this station. Gangapur city is directly connected via railway routes to the major cities of India. Direct trains from Gangapur city for Delhi, Mumbai, Jammu, Agra, Mathura, Patna, Jaipur, Amritsar and Udaipur run every day. This station is the main railway source station for nearby villages and small cities like Karauli, Sapotara, Lalsot, Kaila Devi and Piplai. These places in Rajasthan don’t have any authorized railway stations by Indian Railways.

Order Food in Train at Gangapur City

As the Gangapur City lies in Rajasthan, the station is connected with nearby places by Rajasthan Government owned buses and private buses. These buses are directly connected with other cities like Kota, Jaipur, Alwar, Sawai Madhopur, Gwalior, Pushkar, Karauli, Sapotara and other places. Passengers can order food online in train at Gangapur city station and enjoy their journey.

Gangapur City is in Sawai Madhopur district. The city has some beautiful destination nearby for visitors. There are some places near Gangapur City where one can go and spent some moment in peace. These places are listed below.

  • Dhundheshwar: It is a beautiful waterfall and hills station. The place has lush green scenic beauty with thick greenery laced everywhere. One can spend some peaceful hours of day by gazing at the water fall. This is also a picnic spot for nearby places. Sitting the lap of nature and looking at greenery and water fall will have an everlasting impression on your mind heart. The chirping of birds, the green leaves and soft branches of tree hanging beside you and the soothing sound of waterfall will make you feel as if your soul is vigored with eternal energy.
  • Ranthambhore National Park and Fort: The national park is located at the distance of 73 kms from Gangapur city, in Sawai Madhopur district. The park is known for “tiger reserve” area. The Bengal tigers can be easily spotted in the park.
  • Ranthombhre Fort: The fort lies inside the national park only. This jungle was the major point of hunting, where Rajasthani kings used to come for hunting purposes before independence. The fort is recognized as UNESCO world heritage under the group “Hill forts of Rajasthan”.

As the majority of people follow Hindu religion in the district, there are a number of temples in the city to visit. Second most practiced religion is Islam, so you can also spot mosques in the city.

Food at Gangapur City:
This city lies in Rajasthan, so taste of Rajasthani cuisines are found here. There is also some of the unbeatable food delights are prepared in Gangapur city only. These delicacies are enough to make one’s day sweeter and tastier.

  • Kheer Mohan: This delicacy has nothing to do with “Kheer” as known in North Indian states. This is made of milk and sugar syrup. Small balls made out of cheese and milk. These balls are dipped in sugar syrup. This is not only famous in Gangapur city; in fact people from nearby palaces also prepare this tasty sweet delight.
  • Tikkad and Aaloo Gravy: Tikkad is thick bread made of gram and wheat flour. This special bread is baked on fire and tasty Aaloo gravy is made to serve with. This Aaloo gravy is very hot and spicy, prepared with roasted pieces of potato. This cuisine is cooked in all over the district.
  • Gazak: Commonly known as “Til Gajak” is a very famous sweet of this place. This sweet is made of sesame seeds mixed well with jaggery or sugar and formed into many layers. The sesame seed are roasted well before beaten up with sugar or jaggery. This sweet is famous in all over Rajasthan.
  • Other Rajasthan food items such as panchkuta sangria, kabuli pulao, Daal-bati churma, lachha pakodi, Gatte ki Sabji, Mogar Sabji, Bajra roti etc. are also eaten and served in Gangapur city.

    Food in Train at Gangapur City:
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