Festival Special Trains

“Home Calling”: Special Trains run by the Railways on Diwali and Chhath

“Home is the place we chase”, and if it is about to celebrate the festivals, nothing could be more special than being at home. Somehow, we’ll are obsessed with the constant love which we receive from our home and family. Today, not everyone is lucky to be with their family because of higher education or job responsibilities which make them to relocate far from home, especially for the one who belongs to small town or city. Festivals are like a bond that binds them together especially, Diwali that reflects its light in everyone’s heart who are far away from their home. This is the time when every family expects a get together with their loved ones. Few people pre-book the tickets to avoid the last moment rush while some are the last minute travellers. To avoid the last minute rush, Indian Railways runs festive special trains. Travelers can check train schedule via RailMitra app to get updated about the train, routes, fares and timing.

The emotion and excitement of reaching home is well-understood by the Indian Railways and as a result it runs a few special trains in every route. This Diwali, Indian Railway has maintained its tradition of running special trains to unite families. Some special trains are also a treat for Biharis and for people of Uttar Pradesh to attend Chhath Puja along with the festival of lights as these trains will run in the routes of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Here’re the lists of special trains run by the Indian Railways to manage the extra crowd of passengers commuting to their home town in a mood of festivity.

Calendar Dates of Diwali and Chhath Puja- 2019 Diwali Celebration: November 27, 2019 Chhath Puja: November 2 and November 3
Festival Special Train

Special Trains on the Occasion of Diwali and Chhath Puja-2019
SIR-SHC Special Express (04526/25)
This train is a treat for the population of Bihar. The Northern Railway has announced SIR-SHC Special Express train which will run from October 22nd to November 2nd between Sirhind to Saharsa. Sirhind is located in the state of Punjab where thousands of Bihari farmers are contributing their laborious hands in agriculture and earning money for the welfare of their families. The train will carry the travellers from Sirhind to Saharasa.

Train Overview
  • Train Type: Passenger
  • Travel time: 27 hrs. 55 minutes
  • Distance: 1461 km
  • From: [email protected]:05 day one
  • To: Saharsa @21:00 day two
  • Running date from Sirhind: October 22, 26 and 30
  • Returning date from Saharasa: October 23, 27, 31

NDLS-JYG Special Express (04092/91)
This special train of the Indian Railways will run between New Delhi to the routes of North Bihar, Jaynagar. The train has four trips from New Delhi to Jaynagar and four returning journeys from Jaynagar to New Delhi. The train will start from New Delhi on October 23rd, 26th, 29th and November 1st while the returning date of train will be on alternate day basis followed by the date, October 24th , 27th , 30th and 2nd November.

Train Overview Train Type: Main/Express
  • Distance Covers: 1137 km
  • Travel Time: 25 hrs. 55 minutes
  • Departing Station: New [email protected]:20
  • Arrival Station: Jaynagar @ 11:15
  • Bhatinda-Varanasi Special (04998)
    Varanasi the spiritual land of India is the place where Chhath Puja is celebrated with great fervor that invites people to come home. The city itself has a magic that no one can resist to come especially on Diwali and Chhath. Bhatinda- Varanasi special train is run by Indian Railways between Bhatinda to the routes of Varanasi.

    Train Overview
    • Train Type: Mail/Passenger
    • Distance Covers: 1083 km
    • Travel Time: 22 h 30 minute
    • Departure Station: Bhatinda @ 20:50
    • Arrival Station: [email protected]:20+1 night

    Chandigarh-Gorakhpur Special Train (04924)
    Chandigarh- Gorakhpur special train is running from October 3rd and it will continue its journey till November 1st with a gap. The train has been started to cope with the rush of Diwali and Chhath Puja. Last minute travelers can also book tickets in this special train.

    Train Overview
    • Train Type: Mail/Express
    • Distance travel: 914km
    • Travel Time: 18hrs. 10 minutes
    • Source Station: Chandigarh [email protected]:20
    • Destination: Gorakhpur [email protected]:30+1 night

    Apart from the above mentioned trains, there are many other special trains introduced by Indian Railways to commute people to their homes on the occasion of Diwali and Chhath. Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India while Chhath Puja is the religious honor of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh that is not expected to be missed by the people.

    Enjoy Delicacies by Ordering Online Food in Train
    Special trains generally do not offer the pantry services. However, in non-pantry trains, the facility of e-catering is available through which passengers can order food in train on their fingertips at their preferred station en route. RailMitra, one of the leading brands and authorized partners of IRCTC will deliver food in train assuring you of a festive journey memorable with its delicacies.

    Check Train Running Status if train gets delayed
    Special trains mostly have to face the situation of getting delayed. When the trains get delayed and halts for longer duration to any unknown places, it spoils the festive mood of travellers and their curiosity to know about the exact timing to reach the destination is worth. But, they do not need to worry about the updated information of the exact location and running status of the train. They can fulfill their curiosity with the live train running status feature of Railmitra. It tells about the running status of the train along with its timing.

    Festivals are the medium to celebrate togetherness with your loved ones. Being at home and enjoying the family days is one the most cherished moments of life. Do not miss the opportunity; make your presence on Diwali and Chhath to tie the thread of love and emotion with your home and families. These special trains are a boon especially for the last minute travellers. Board your train and reach your home because home is not just a place, it is a feeling.

    Railmitra wishes you a very Happy Diwali and Chhath Puja!

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