How do you Order Pizza on a Train?

Scientific research says that favorite food elevates our ecstasy levels. Pizza is a special delight for those people dote this snack as their meal. There are many people who prefer Pizza even in their lunch or dinner. Healthy and hygienic food has been an issue in the Indian trains and when it comes to having pizza during the train journey, it’s like a dream.

Want Pizza in Train?
We might have a strong desire to get a box of hot and crusty pizza in train along with overloaded cheese and tasty toppings. Indian Railways in partnership with pizza delivery giants has made the dream come true. Now passengers can order their favorite and selected pizzas in train. It’s your PNR number and the apps for food ordering in train. which collectively creates a magic within a few clicks and your pizza is at your seat. Pizza delivery is also made easy with RailRestro, an IRCTC e-catering partner offering great food options in train to order their favorite food.

Now you don’t need to bother on which route you’re journeying via trains. If you love Pizza, then, IRCTC promises you to deliver your Pizza on your seat. The e-catering system of IRCTC provides good food in train across the country. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling in train; there’s always a corner baking Pizza for you. IRCTC and its partner will deliver the hot platter of your Pizza box at your berth in the moving train. Your excitement and joy of the journey will be doubled when a box of Pizza will be placed in front of your seat. Order pizza in train and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Pizza Delivery in Train

Pizza in train? Yes! Not a Miracle
Pizza and party seems accomplishing each other. This triangle and delightful love bite is just a few clicks away from you. So keep craving for it until it is being delivered in train at your berth. There are many Pizza Stores that takes pleasure in delivering our favorite Pizza in train at your berth. You can simply order your Pizza within few steps.

Follow these easy steps and your pizza will be on the way.

  1. Open the online food ordering app on your mobile or visit the website.
  2. Enter your PNR number and browse the entire listed restaurant serving food.
  3. Select your Pizza from the menu.
  4. Add it in your cart & complete the order.
  5. Choose the Mode of payment (i.e. Online/COD)

Wait for the station scheduled for your Pizza delivery. The apps offer you the functionality of tracking your order till the delivery. You can also chat/connect with the food advisor on the website for assistance. This is how ordering Pizza in Train has been made easy for the passengers. Apart from Pizza you can also order cold drinks and French fries in train to accompany your Pizza at best.

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When you’re traveling solo on a train to reach your destination, then a cheese loaded pizza with variety of toppings is a good option to satiate your taste buds. Munching a medium size pizza and enjoying the vast farm lands and vegetation outside the window will be an amazing experience. When the delivery executive serves the Pizza box in train; it’s just not a pizza box, in fact it is a delectable perk by the Indian Railways. It’s a wonderful retreat on wheels. So don’t miss the chance to experience this tasty Pizza retreat on train and enjoy your solo trip with a full box of Pizza and thank your solo dome in the journey as there’s no third eye peeping on your pizza piece.

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Major stations delivering you a number of flavorful of Pizza in Train
There are more than 300+ stations where RailRestro, an IRCTC e-catering partner delivering food in train. If you are looking to order Pizza online in train, then RailRestro is the best medium to call upon for your Pizza-crave. Be it the New Delhi railway station or Kalyan junction in Mumbai, you will have you pizza box delivered at your seat. Thrissur, Hanumangarh junction, Ratlam railway station and Kharagpur junction will be also your Pizza destination for special “Chicken spicy Pizza”. However, Kanpur Central, Lucknow junction, Cuttack Railway station, and Delhi Sarai Rohilla are also the major railway stations of Indian Railways where the Pizza is being delivered frequently. Some stations like Mau, vapi, Hijjli, Patna and Katihar railway station are in the queue for delivering pizza in train. RailRestro provides online pizza in Train for making your travel tastier and regaling.

Munch your favorite slice of pizza in train and enjoy the triangle cheesy bliss on your journey.

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