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Ordering Food in Train? IRCTC Warns Against Unauthorized Food Vendors

If you also order food in train, then read carefully. There are many unauthorized food providers who are serving food on the train without having the official permission of IRCTC. In that case, it becomes a little risky.

IRCTC receives complaints mostly for water and milk. According to official data, more than 2500 vendors have been warned for serving bad quality food in train. Don’t put your health on risk and always order food from trusted and official partners of IRCTC like RailRestro.

Don’t Order Food in Train From Unauthorized Vendors, Says IRCTC

IRCTC has announced that TravelKhana, RailYatri, Yatrachef, etc. are not authorized to deliver food in trains.

It is not wise to order food from those providers who are not responsible for your health if anything related to food goes wrong. IRCTC has clearly stated that because these companies are not its partner, it takes no responsibility for what kind of food they provide.

If you order food from companies like TravelKhana or RailYatri who are not authorized e-catering partners, then you can not complain about the quality of food to IRCTC. Your complains will not be registered and you may lose your money. So, it is best to avoid these companies and order food only from authorized partners of IRCTC like RailRestro.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Ordering Food in Train

There are some key points that you should keep in mind before ordering food in train:

  1. IRCTC will not be responsible for any loss to passengers due to bad quality food served by unauthorized food vendors.
  2. Always check prior to ordering food if the company has permission to deliver food in trains.
  3. Indian Railways receives a lot of complaints regarding the bad quality of food served in trains. In such cases, you can register a complaint with IRCTC and get refunds only if you order food from authorized food partners.
  4. Always order food from official partners of IRCTC such as RailRestro. There are many benefits of ordering food from RailRestro compared to other food providers.

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  5. Don’t order very spicy or heavy foods. Go for nutritious food options in train for a healthy and comfortable journey.
  6. Always order food at least 2 hours prior to the arrival time of your train on a station. This will ensure that you get the best quality food in excellent packaging. If possible, try to book your order in advance, days before your journey date.
  7. If you are travelling in a group, don’t order individually. Use RailRestro’s ‘Group Food Order’ option to get exclusive discounts.

    group food order in train
  8. Please remain at your seat when your train reaches the station otherwise you may miss your order as the delivery executive will deliver food directly at your seat.
  9. Please note that online food delivery in train is open from 7 AM to 10 PM. Therefore, ensure that you place your food order between these hours itself.
  10. Don’t forget to apply coupons if applicable on your orders. This will save you some money which you can use to order more food. You can check the list of available coupons on the official website of RailRestro.

These are some of the important points that you should definitely keep in mind if you are planning to order food online in train. 

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