Precautions to be taken before Starting a Train

Indian Rail with a length of 65,000 km is Asia’s largest Rail network passing through 7500+ stations and carrying more than 20 million passengers daily. Every person must have traveled by train at some time in life, but have you thought how difficult it is to run a railway for making passengers comfortable and free of worries? We think that driving a train is the job of the loco pilots and it is an easy task. The back end scenario is quite different as there’re many rules, laws and precautions that a loco pilot has to follow. The train driver and the guards present in the train have to follow the intricate details before proceeding the train for journey. So, if next time when you’re on a railway platform waiting for the train and fanatically checking your train schedule, do remember the effort, contribution and science behind running a train by the railway staffs. Let us know the things related to what precautions should be followed before starting of trains.

Driver and Guard to inspect the Notices before beginning
Driver and Guard, before starting a train have to look at the notification given for their direction and find out whether there is anything required and exceptional consideration on that area of the railroad over which they have to run their train.

Assessment of train before beginning
At the point when a train is analyzed by the train examiner at a station, the Station Master will not offer authorization to begin the train until he receives a report from such analyst with the impact that the train is fit to continue and has the endorsed brake power.                          

Assessment of train by Driver
The driver will, before the beginning of the excursion and in the wake of playing out any shunting in transit, guarantee –

  • That his loco engine is in legitimate working request,
  • That the coupling between the motor and the train is appropriately verified, and
  • That the head light and marker lights as endorsed in sub-rule (1) of Rule 4.14 are in working order, and these are kept consuming splendidly, when required.

Assessment of single and different coaches by Driver
When coupling single or different units or coaches of any such units together, the driver will be answerable for watching that every single electrical coupling are appropriately made. All things considered couplings have been made, the driver while assuming control over the complete train will fulfill himself that the control and force device and brakes of the total train are in appropriate and endorsed working condition.

Obligations of Guard when assuming control over charge of a train:- The Guard when assuming control over charge of a train will fulfill himself, before the train is started

  • that the train is appropriately coupled,
  • that the train is equipped with the endorsed brake power,
  • that the train conveys tail board or tail light and side lights and that such lights are lit and continued consuming splendidly, when required.
  • that the apparatus for correspondence between the guard and the Driver, is in appropriate working condition.

Before starting of trains following points need to be followed: 

  • A Driver will not starts his train from a station without the permission to do so . Prior to beginning the train, he will fulfill himself that all right fixed signs and, where vital, hand signals are given and the line before him is away from unmistakable deterrents and the Guard has given the signal to start the train .
  • The Guard will not give the sign for starting the train except if he has gotten the consent of the Station Master to start, in the way recommended by Indian Railways sub rules .
  • The Guard will not give the sign for starting the train except if he has fulfilled himself that the all things are correct to begin the train .
  • The Station Master will see, before he gives the Guard authorization to begin a train, that all is good for the train to continue.
  • When consent of the Station Master to begin has been abstained from under sub-rule (5) or at a station where no station master is posted, the Guard will see, before giving the beginning sign, that all is right for the train to continue.

So you have seen how Indian Railway function by the Hard work and a disciplined maintained by the guards, loco pilots and station masters to make our journey safe and easy . so next time when you travel by train  appreciate loco pilots as they are the one who drop you safely to your destination .

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