RailRestro: Creating Delightful Journeys via Ordering Food in train

Railway journeys are deeply connected to our emotions. When we think of our childhood and those memorable train trips, we can find that a journey via train was the most awaited venture. We can recall our excitement and the level of enthusiasm; we had as a child by receiving the news of a trip to our maternal home during summer vacation. The adventure started from the time when we reached the station premises. The digital boards, train announcements, refreshment stalls selling mango drinks, inquiry counters, relaxing areas, waiting room and platforms were like another beautiful world to dive in. The curiosity began and it was on heights, when the whistles of a train penetrated our ears, and a train arrived with a huge engine in the front, vibrating the platform grounds. Thousands of passengers boarded and de-boarded the train as soon as it halted on the platform. After a long wait, when we boarded our train, the very first thing for us was to fill up our tummies with everything the vendors carried and passed by our compartment.It seems that we have waited for ages to get in the train and a fight with our siblings was a must for the window seat.

When it comes to train journeys and planning a vacation there’s something which appears on the screen of our memories. And that’s the bag stuffed with tasty snacks and food items like puri-bhaji,paratha and dry seasonal veggies with sweets. These were wrapped up with aluminum foils to keep it fresh for long. Perhaps the preparation of these tasty foods was the reason which used to make an impression in our minds that we are going to have everything of it during the journey. This might be the reason why as a child we were always hungry after the journey starts. In the present era, time has changed a lot with our priorities. In the hassle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, planning and executing a vacation is not that same, it used to be earlier. Yet the childish behavior and crave for the food in train still remains the same but we are left with no time to prepare meal for our journey. Thanks to the e-catering service which has shared the load of fresh and healthy food which is directly served at our seats. These services have been started in the trains with an objective to supersede the problem of distasteful and unhealthy pantry car food.

Food sold at station premises welcomes health hazards whereas the pantry car food is completely a disaster for your health creating issues like food poising and other serious ailments. In this prevailing picture, the railways have taken some constructive steps to provide good food to the passengers within few simple steps. RailRestro is an official IRCTC food partner which caters restaurant’s food in the train during the journey. It connects the passengers with the restaurant from where the passengers can choose variety of food and get them delivered directly at their seat. RailRestro functions as a bridge between the passengers traveling in train and restaurants which serves fresh and healthy food to the passengers.

Food in Train by RailRestro
Unlimited food options, healthy food, attractive/safe packing, and FSSAI certified restaurants serving you in train and food of your preference are the qualities which we deliver to our customers. The moment you visit our website, you are asked to enter your PNR number or the train number along with the DOJ and Boarding station. The moment you enter any of these information, the dash board will redirect you to the list of restaurants and stations where you can order food of your choice. You can choose according to your taste, preference and budget. RailRestro also excels in serving food for:

Traveling with toddlers in train is not an easy job. Especially when it comes to food for babies, parents are always in a troubling situation and worried about the availability of baby food in train. Not Anymore! Food such as warm milk, dal Khichdi or fruit salad are available with our catering partners. Feed your child with homely cooked food via RailRestro.

People suffering from hypertension/diabetes or other ailments need extensive care of their daily meals as they have to follow their diet chart strictly. While traveling in the train it is difficult to maintain the dieting propensities of patients. RailRestro has introduced customized food items especially for such patients which are helpful for the people suffering from such ailments. Food items such as Poha, Veg Sandwich and Vegetable- chapatti and combo meals are best options included in the menu of RailRestro to provide a healthy meal to such patients in the trains.
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Groups Traveling in Train:
A tour with friends or family on a vacation, or a business trip, or any excursion, RailRestro will accompany you in every trip. No matter what the numbers of travelers are, RailRestro is always ready to serve your group with amazing meal platters. To cherish the happiness of togetherness, RailRestro has introduced the concept of group food order in train through which you can order the meal of your choice on great discounts. We feel pleasure when you are delighted and it’s the motive of RailRestro to provide your fresh platters on the train. To double your delight RailRestro also provides discount over your group food order bill. Use code “GROUP20” and get a discount of 20% on your order.

Jain Food:
There’s no doubt that vegans and Jain diet followers face tough time searching and ensuring pure Jain food availability while traveling. Strict diet, prohibited food items, and ingredients along with hygienic cooking condition that can prevent the hints of prohibited food items is next to impossible at railway stations and expecting the same from local food vendors is a thought going in vain. That’s why the RailRestro has partnered with pure vegetarian restaurants and with those restaurants that have separate kitchens specially for cooking Jain food. Jainism lifestyle believes in Non-violence (Ahimsa), so does their food behavior.The Jain food is purely prepared in ultra-hygienic kitchen condition and by following the norms of Jainism. Order Jain food in train and get a discount of 10% on your food bill. Use code “JAIN10” while ordering online.

Non-Vegetarian Lovers:
It’s said that the belly rules the mind and the same is with the lovers of non-vegetarian diet. Having a fresh plate of an exotic chicken curry variant with rice/chapatti is a heavenly meal. Now passengers with a PNR number traveling in train can order non-vegetarian recipes like chicken curry, aachari chicken, handi chicken, tandoori chicken, mutton curry, kebabs and tikkas with variety of bread like naan, tandoori roti, lacchha paratha and butter tawa roti.

Keeping the health and taste factors in mind, RailRestro has partnered with more than 7000 FSSAI certified restaurants across the country and try to provide your desired food on the train. So enjoy your meal on the train with your food partner RailRestro.

Kriti Raj

Kirti is a passionate writer and loves to learn culinary skills. Currently, she is a part of RailRestro working as a content writer.