Time to Visit the Second Capital of Bihar- It’s Muzaffarpur!

Muzaffarpur is a developing city in the state of Bihar. It is the fourth most populous city in that has witnessed tremendous growth in its GDP after the investment by real estate sector. It is situated on the banks of Burhi Gandak River which has its origin point from the Someshwar hills of the Himalayas. The city faces a humid tropical climate throughout the summer season starting from the mid-April to August and is blessed with winter season from October to march. If you have a plan to visit this developing city of Bihar, then the month of Oct-March is highly favorable and agreed by the tourists. However, the summer season might not be favorable as the moist climate in the month of June-July will hydrate and drain all your energy.

Muzzafarpur: The Litchi Kingdom of India
Litchi is a summer special fruit which is exclusively grown at Muzzafarpur, Bihar. It’s a summer tropical fruit which is on season for a very little time maximum for a month. It’s a surprising fact that Muzzafarpur counts 40% of the Litchi production of India. The best quality litchis are grown here and exported throughout India and World. Cultivation of litchi covers approximately an area of about 25,800 hectares producing about 300,000 tonnes every year. The two types of litchis grown here are Shahi and China. The Shahi Litchis are bigger and size, deep red in color and juicier in nature, where as china litchi is not that bigger and juicier. These litchis are green in color and turn red when they’re ripe.

Muzzafarpur: The Brewery Hub
United Breweries Group has set up a production unit at Muzzafarpur to manufacture litchi-flavored wine. The company has leased hectares of litchi gardens. This manufacturing plant is also erected with a view to providing local employment to the residents of Muzzafarpur.

Muzzafarpur Railway station:
As compared to the old muzzafarpur, the city is better developed with all the infrastructural developments like roads, highways, sky-rocketed buildings and malls. The city has a railway station which has all the facilities for the passengers. It is the main junction which is connected to other parts of Bihar and entire India. There are passenger trains, Garib Rath train, express trains and superfast trains crossing this main junction. Many trains originate from the station for New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Residents from the nearby places or villages board their train from this main junction as there’s very less stoppage for trains at railroad stations. The best part of these trains crossing from the railway station of Muzzafarpur is that there’re e-catering services made available for the passengers through which they can order food online in train at Muzaffarpur junction and get them delivered hot and fresh on their seat. After the evolution of e-catering system in trains, passengers don’t have to worry about good and healthy food availability in train. Bid a good-bye to pantry food or food sold at station premises.

Places to visit at Muzaffarpur:
The city of Muzzafarpur offers various tourist places which should be a must visit in the list for the people traveling to Muzaffarpur. Ancient temples, historic structures and malls are present in the city to visit and explore the cultural magic of the city.

  • Baba Garibnath Temple:
    This temple resides in the heart of the city. It is flooded with devotees all the time. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and there’s a Shivling inside the temple as Baba Garibnath. The temple witnesses a high number of devotees on the holy occasion of Shivaratri.
  • Jubba Sahni Park:
    Located in the Mithanpura area of the city, the Jubba Sahni Park is a children park. It is famous among the locals and tourists. It derives its name from the freedom fighter “Jubba Sahni”.
  • Khudiram Bose Memorial:
    This historical location has a unique past. It was built as a tribute to the freedom fighter Khudiram Bose who threw a bomb at Kingsford who was at time the British session judge of Muzaffarpur. This is the most visited spot of the city by locals and tourists coming from all over India.
  • Ramchandra Shahi Museum:
    In the vicinity of Jubba Sahni Park lies the Ramchandra Shahi museum which was built in 1979. Each article like ancient utensils, artifacts and intricate statues like the Manasa Nag and Ashtadikpal are unique and reflect the pre-historic Indian era.
  • Litchi Gardens:
    As we know that Muzaffarpur litchis are world famous and widely available during summer, there are hectares of land growing Litchis and these have been converted into a major spot for tourists. One can’t imagine the beauty of this garden where a red bunch of big litchis are loaded on the branches and with air rafting them from one direction to another. A MUST VISIT!

P&M Mall:A Destination of Recreation and Shopping
P&M infrastructures Pvt. Ltd has erected a six-storey mall in Muzaffarpur named as P&M Mall. The film director “Prakash Jha” first introduced this mall in Patna (The Capital city of Bihar) and then at Muzaffarpur. The mall consists of brands like the shopping giant Big Bazar, clothing brands like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Reebok, W, Biba, Meena Bazar, and jewelry brands like Tanishq, and Nakshatra. The mall has a food court which serves variety of food items of all taste and preference. There are pizza stores, cafes and a gaming zone for children. The multiplex giant “Cinepolis” is the first multiplex which entered Bihar and after its successful operations in Patna, it was introduced to Muzaffarpur. Now entertain yourself with Bollywood and Hollywood flicks even in late night shows.

Local food of Muzaffarpur:
The food culture of Muzaffarpur is one which has a touch of local ingredients and taste. There’re many dishes served here such as Dal Peetha (a form of dumplings), Lababdar Rolls, Chana Ghugni, and Litti Chokha. Non-vegetarians can fall for Mutton kebabs, Kadhai Chicken, Chicken korma, and chicken seekh kebabs. If taste of sweets kicks your impulse to have desserts, you’re at right place. Local sweets, which are known worldwide, will steal your heart. Dishes such as Khurma, Tilkut (a specialty of Gaya), Balushahi, Laung-latika, Dahi/Rabri jalebi, Rabri-imirti, Malpua, Khaja and chandrakala are famous in the city. Street food like Batata puri, Bhelpuri and Kulcha burger is a must to taste.

A journey to the cities of Bihar is like feeling divine energy and so is the Muzaffarpur. So if you’re planning to visit this second capital of Bihar, book your tickets and view the entirely different and developed phase of Muzaffarpur. There’re many things to explore and many to know more.

Muzaffarpur Welcomes You!

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